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Ta Cu Mountain
Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu Mountain

Home to the largest Buddha statue in all of Vietnam at 160 feet long, Ta Cu Mountain is not only a popular attraction for visiting travelers but also a point of pilgrimage for local Buddhists. While it is possible to climb the 2,100-foot mountain on foot, most visitors opt instead for the cable car, which delivers passengers to the Linh Son Trong Pagoda and offers overhead views of rice fields and dragonfruit plantations during the six-minute ride. From the cable car drop off, it’s a still a short, but somewhat steep, stair climb to the Buddha itself. You can also visit the Long Doan pagoda. Both have a variety of statues and towers where you can enjoy panoramic views down the mountain.

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Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Practical Info

Ta Cu Mountain is a 40-minute drive from the beachside town of Phan Thiet, which is about 4 hours east of Ho Chi Minh City. A roundtrip ticket on the cable car to the pagodas and Buddha statues atop the mountains costs about $4 per person.

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