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Avenida Costanera, Huanchaco, Peru

Practical Info

Huanchaco is located seven miles outside of Trujillo and is accessible by private taxi ($3-$5). The summer months of January-March are the best for tanning at the beach, although the winter months of May through September are often cloudy and cool. For surfers, the swell is consistent throughout the year, and sea temperatures range from62 degrees in winter to72 degrees in summer.

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Recent reviews from experiences in Trujillo

Very nice tour
martinabongini, Oct 2019
Full Day Tour Huacas, Chan Chan & Huanchaco - Trujillo
The tour was good and well organised. I really appreciated the quick reply to my booking request, which took place the evening before the tour date.
Trujillo full Day Tour
Freedom82448, Oct 2019
Full Day Tour Huacas, Chan Chan & Huanchaco - Trujillo
Cruise line was inflexible about pick up and drop offs, but Julio worked with us to make the most of a short day. We talked on Whatsapp from the ship the night before the tour and he rearranged the day to make the most of the time we had. His English was excellent and he provided a custom private tour for less than half what the boat was charging. Well worth the time!
Amazing ruins
Garrad, Mar 2020
Tour from Trujillo:Chan Chan, Huanchaco, Sun and Moon Temples, and Dragon Temple
I loved this tour. We had a very knowledgeable guide, Jose, who took us around the amazing temple of the moon. It was almost empty. I'm surprised there weren't more tourists. The wall decorations are just I really wasn't expecting it to be so good. The temple of the sun is not open to the public. The museum was good though I don't understand the need to ban all photography. It seems like overkill. We stopped at a small workshop making the pottery. The temple of the dragon was great but very small. Lunch was surprisingly good at Huanchaco with a view over the ocean. Finally we visited Chan Chan. The site is enormous so you only see one small part which is open to the public. It is so beautiful. The designs are as beautiful today as they would have been 1000 years ago. Unfortunately some of the areas are closed to the public which is a real shame since I think they need to keep creating a buzz for this place.