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Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto

Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto

Toronto makes a great base for exploring nearby Niagara Falls, the famous falls that straddle the US–Canada border and dramatically mark the halfway point of the Niagara River on its way from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Here’s what you need to know.

Guided Full-Day Tours

A full-day guided tour from Toronto includes the services of a tour guide, plus round-trip transport to the mighty falls. You’ll traverse the scenic Niagara Peninsula, a lush region spotted with orchards and vineyards, to get to the falls where you can explore with your guide or independently and see just the Canadian side or both the Canadian side and the US side. Some tours include lunch, and several have the option to add on an additional activity such as a visit to the Journey Behind the Falls observation decks or a helicopter ride over the water.

Day Trips with a Niagara Boat Cruise

For those looking to get close to the action of Niagara Falls, a day trip that includes a Niagara boat cruise is an excellent option. These tours have all the benefits of a guided full-day tour (transport through beautiful Canadian landscapes, stops at various attractions along the way, and the services of a knowledgeable guide), plus the option to add on a boat cruise down around the falls.

Things to Know

  • Niagara Falls is set 80 miles (130 kilometers) south of Toronto, a journey of about 1.5 hours by road.

  • Most day trips to the falls from Toronto last upwards of nine hours, so be prepared with comfortable shoes, snacks, and water. 

  • Snowfall is abundant in the area during winter and the months of April and October are also quite brisk, so dress accordingly if visiting during these times.

  • Due to the mist created by the strong falls, it’s likely you’ll get wet if exploring up close. Be prepared to wear rain gear or bring a change of dry clothing.

  • In summer and over some holidays, Niagara Falls is illuminated by an after-dark fireworks display, drawing visitors at night.