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Reef Bay Trail
Reef Bay Trail

Reef Bay Trail

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Explore the history and culture of St John though a lush, tropical paradise that unfolds along the Reef Bay Trail.

The trail itself takes approximately 2 hours, most of which is an enjoyable downhill trek. The path is well-kept, and descends 937 feet (285.6 meters) into the Reef Bay Valley from its starting point on Centerline Road, 5 miles (8 km) east of Cruz Bay.

As you descend down a stone stairway, you’ll pass an old stonewall before heading into a sub-tropical forest, filled with tropical flora of all kinds. Signs along the way detail the environment, as you take in the sights and smells of such trees as locust, sandbox, kapok, mammee apple, and mango.

A ranger-led tour is the best way to experience the trail’s riches. On your way down, you’ll learn about various flora, the history of the Reef Bay Plantation, and the petroglyphs on the rocks at the bottom of the trail.

Once you reach the bottom of the trail, a boat takes you from the beach at Reef Bay back to the visitor center. If you choose to take the trail on your own, you’ll have to endure the uphill climb. Be sure to arrange your tour a couple of weeks in advance.

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