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Escape Theme Park Penang
1 Tour and Activity

ESCAPE Adventureplay is one of Penang’s most unique attractions—a sky-high ropes course that throws visitors into an all-out balancing act above the forest floor. Navigate complex obstacles that increase in difficulty the higher you climb. A scooter park and kids playground offer fun closer to the ground.

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TeddyVille Museum
4 Tours and Activities

Penang’s TeddyVille Museum is dedicated to all things teddy bear. Check out teddies from around the world, from tiny to human-sized, including antiques from the early 1900s. You’ll also see the Mini Penang exhibit, where miniature bears are dressed up and posed in reenactments of key moments in Penang’s history.

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Made in Penang Interactive Museum
1 Tour and Activity

This one-of-a-kind museum features street art style murals with a truly unique slant. That’s because most of the images and displays in this popular tourist spot are designed to allow photo-loving travelers to snap off-beat pictures that thanks to lighting and angles, play tricks on even the soundest of minds.

Expert staff stands by to help guide and position visitors to ensure each and every picture that pairs traveler with art is perfectly styled, leaving viewers to ask, “just what is going on here?!” Be sure to download the museum-specific app that allows visitors to view their photos in a special 3D way, adding just a bit more fun to a trip to the tricky Made in Penang Interactive Museum.

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Asia Camera Museum Penang

Film fanatics will love Penang’s first and only camera museum, Asia Camera Museum Penang. The well-curated galleries span the millennium and display a variety of cameras—like pinhole and large and medium formats, now defunct film options, and even a working dark room that showcases the age-old technique of processing film. Travelers say the museum is small, but agree it’s the perfect stop for travelers with extra time on the island. Option guided tours are ideal for camera enthusiasts looking to learn more about the museum’s impressive collection.

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