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Dhofar Tours and Activities

Waterfalls, green fields and verdant valleys: not what you’d normally associate with the Arabian Peninsula, but they’re all here in Oman’s monsoonal southern province Dhofar.

The coastal capital Salalah enjoys excellent beaches, cooling breezes and a lively souk, where you can pick up frankincense, for centuries the source of the region’s wealth. The Frankincense Trail, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, begins in Dhofar and once stretched all the way to Jordan.

Using Salalah as a base you can head off to the lush slopes of Wadi Darbat, numerous old forts, impressive caves, the evocative mud-brick ruins of Mirbat and the traditional resting place of Job. Or go beyond the greenery to the arid “Empty Quarter” shared with Saudi Arabia.

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Tours and Activities to Experience Dhofar

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