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Pittamiglio Castle (Castillo Pittamiglio)
Pittamiglio Castle (Castillo Pittamiglio)

Pittamiglio Castle (Castillo Pittamiglio)

Free admission
Monday-Friday 10am–5pm, Saturday-Sunday 3pm-8pm
Rambla Mahatma Gandhi 633, Montevideo, Uruguay, 11300

The Basics

Guided tours of the castle reveal the hidden symbols and messages inside. Touring the inside of Pittamiglio Castle, you’ll soon discover that almost everything has a meaning. While square, circular, and octagon-shaped rooms symbolize Earth, eternity, and the halfway-point between the two, a tree represents the joining of the Earth and sky. Images of griffins, which appear in many of the rooms, represent the guardians of treasure, which many believe is hidden somewhere in the castle. You’ll also find Templar, Masonic, and Rosicrucian symbols inside.

If you are taking a private guided tour of Montevideo that lets you customize your itinerary, ask if you can add on a visit to Pittamiglio to learn more—this is especially a good idea if you don’t speak Spanish.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Pittamiglio Castle is a must-visit for those interested in architecture.
  • Guided tours are typically only available in Spanish.
  • There is a restaurant and small alchemy museum inside.
  • The building is not wheelchair accessible.
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How to Get There

Pittamiglio Castle is located on Rambla Mahatma Gandhi, the southernmost section of the Rambla of Montevideo, which runs all along the city’s coastline. It’s around a 15-minute drive east of Centro.

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When to Get There

Guided tours of Pittamiglio Castle are offered at 5pm, Tuesdays through Sundays. The castle also hosts a number of special events, including concerts and magic shows: check the calendar on the website for details.

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Pocitos Beach Visiting Pittamiglio Castle puts you within easy reach of Pocitos Beach, a 20-minute walk away. This beach is popular with young people playing soccer and volleyball and the section of Th Rambla behind it is filled with upscale restaurants and bars.

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