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Minitas Beach (Playa Minitas)
Minitas Beach (Playa Minitas)

Minitas Beach (Playa Minitas) Tours and Activities

Minitas Beach(Playa Minitas) is the perfect island paradise and an ideal destination for travelers who want to relax among the ocean views, white sands and towering palm trees of Dominican Republic. Visitors will find turquoise blue waters filled with colorful, tropical fish, quiet stretches of beach lined with comfortable chairs for unwinding and impeccable views that are easy to get lost in.

And while Minitas Beach(Playa Minitas) offers up endless options for tired travelers who want to really relax and let go, it’s also the perfect spot for slightly more adventurous souls, thanks to kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and paddle boat options that offer up-close encounters with nature. This private, unspoiled destination is one of Dominican Republic’s finest.

Travelers can explore Minitas Beach(Playa Minitas) as part of a Catalina Island and Chavon River cruise with snorkeling from the resorts of Punta Cana.

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Tours and Activities to Experience Minitas Beach (Playa Minitas)

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