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Museum Meiji-Mura
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The Museum Meiji-Mura is a large-scale outdoor museum located on a hillside facing Lake Iruka near Nagoya in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. More of a village than a traditional museum, Meiji Mura is home to 60 buildings from the Meiji era (1868-1912), a period that saw Japan open up to other influences after a period of isolation. This is reflected in the architecture of the buildings, which has a clear Western influence after builders adopted styles, techniques, and materials from the Western world.

Throughout the village, visitors can wander around various buildings, such as houses, hospitals, theaters, and schools, taking a look inside and learning about the history and culture of Japan during this period. Particular buildings of interest include the entrance hall of Tokyo's old Imperial Hotel, Kyoto's St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Mie's prefectural office, and the former Kanazawa Prison. The Meiji-Mura Museum also has a bus that runs the length of the village, as well as a tram and a steam train.

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