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[Kanazawa gold leaf pack] Kanazawa beauty acupuncture esthetic

[Kanazawa gold leaf pack] Kanazawa beauty acupuncture esthetic

Here is the only beauty acupuncture using Kanazawa gold leaf! Promotes skin turnover, improves blemishes, and restores skin moisture. The cause of wrinkles is also the result of shrinking and hardening of facial muscles.  There are ways to care for facial skin such as beauty treatments and cosmetics, Only [acupuncture] can directly stimulate the muscle behind it. Cosmetic acupuncture is essential to prevent wrinkles and sagging. Of course, it is recommended to use it together with esthetics.  Acupuncture directly into the appropriate part of the face (acupuncture) promotes facial skin tissue metabolism and improves blood flow.  Increased metabolism of skin tissue results in rough skin and spots, and improved blood flow results in edema and thinner face lines, resulting in smaller faces. By promoting muscle relaxation, various skin problems such as wrinkles and dullness are eliminated. Acupuncture not only 'relaxes' muscles, it can also tighten, which helps to prevent sagging and lift. Approach from the cause of wrinkles and sagging that can be done by skeletal and muscle specialists. In addition, the effect of improving the sagging of the skin can be expected by stimulating the facial muscles that are not usually used with electricity. Adjustment of skeletal and facial muscles and lymph drainage are used in combination to remove swelling of the entire face and even for small faces. From the perspective of Oriental medicine, the possibility of improving skin quality can be expected by approaching the whole body. As can be said not only for beauty but also for the whole body, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment promotes changes from inside the body, so it is easier to obtain more effects by continuing. Some people are aware of changes in physical condition.
  • 1 hour 20 minutes
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