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Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center
Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center

Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center Tours and Activities

This research and conservation center in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon began with the gift of 100 acres of land from the local San Juan de Yanayacu Indians. Today, it serves as a leading lodge and excursion center in one of the world’s most biologically diverse settings. Available guided activities include bird watching, photography and both cultural and wildlife excursions in the jungle and on the river. The center caters to photographers, visiting research teams and wildlife enthusiasts who want to experience the raw Amazon jungle, while working to employ local people and allow visitors to access the Amazon sustainably and in harmony with nature.

Naturalists lead walks through the rain forest ecosystem to view hundreds of species of unique plants and animals. With over 100 species of mammals such as jaguars, monkeys and the famous pink Amazon dolphin, colorful reptiles and over 500 species of birds, there is no shortage of natural beauty and adventure to experience. There are camping treks, jungle tours and river cruises offered for both individuals and groups.

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Iquitos, Peru

Tours and Activities to Experience Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center

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