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Things to Do in Guayaquil


Seminario Park (Parque de las Iguanas)

At the heart of Guayaquil’s colonial center, overlooked by the grand Cathedral of Guayaquil and centered on a monumental statue of Simon Bolivar, Seminar Park would be largely unnoteworthy, if it wasn’t for the sizable population of iguanas that inhabit the small park.

Aptly renamed the ‘Parque de las Iguanas’ (‘Iguana Park’), the fenced public park is home to hundreds of green iguanas, which range from palm-sized babies to giant dragon-like creatures the size of a small child. It’s an incongruous sight, with the friendly iguanas roaming freely throughout the park, clambering on the benches, climbing the trees and slinking through the grass.

Although many tourists ply the iguanas with bread or fruit, visitors are discouraged from feeding or playing with them – instead visit during the daily feeding times, when the park attendants bring in piles of vegetables for the giant lizards to feed on.

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