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Things to Do in Ensenada

Only 80 miles south of San Diego, Ensenada is a popular seaside escape. Outdoor activities are a solid way to enjoy days in the sun, and fun waves and calm beaches have earned Ensenada a good reputation with surfers. Visitors can give it a try, or get wet swimming and kayaking. Want to stay dry? Test you swing on the golf course or go horseback riding.

Well-known names like Papas and Beer and Hussong’s Cantina serve up food and drinks, and while tequila is popular and plentiful, Ensenada is also home to vineyards.

As far as season activities, visitors can go whale-watching during winter and spring when gray whales come to town. You may even catch sight of sea lions and dolphins.
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La Bufadora
10 Tours and Activities

On a peninsula along the Baja California coast, the blowhole ‘La Bufadora’ is a marine geyser that shoots ocean water straight up into the air. It occurs naturally from ocean waves that push water into a sea cavern, which causes the pressure to build and then explode when the water recedes. Depending on the level of the tide, the water can climb as high as 60 feet from the sea.

It’s often seen after a short scenic drive from nearby Ensenada, and has become well known as a natural phenomenon of the area. Legend explains that one of the many grey whales that migrate off the coast here swam too close to shore, and that the geyser is reminiscent of the whale’s spout while waiting to be discovered. There are always beautiful views of the coast here, and a small local square with shops and restaurants nearby.

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