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Things to Do in Denver - page 2


Georgetown Loop Railroad

The Georgetown Loop Railroad is a narrow-gauge heritage railroad that runs between the Rocky Mountain communities of Georgetown and Silver Plume. Completed in 1884, the Georgetown Loop was one of Colorado’s first tourist attractions, and it has been sold, removed and restored over its long history.

Today visitors can take a ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad during the summer months. Even though the straight-line distance between the start and end is only two miles, the track runs for 4.5 miles along a corkscrew route thanks to the rugged mountainous terrain. The thrilling train ride traverses the canyon over picturesque trestles, steep grades and bridges, including the towering Devil’s Gate High Bridge. Visitors can pair the train ride experience with the opportunity to spot veins of silver in the rocks at the Lebanon Silver Mine, which descends 500 feet into a 1970 mine shaft tunnel. Tours of the mine also include a visit to the manager’s office and tool shed.

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Pikes Peak

Just outside of Colorado Springs, the towering Pikes Peak mountain stands as an American icon. Katharine Lee Bates wrote the song “America the Beautiful” after surveying the great western lands from atop this very mountain, and today, visitors can enjoy the same view that Bates did, looking down across the rolling plains and jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains. While 1850s gold miners once trekked to this area via covered wagon and made the climb by mule, modern visitors can enjoy the views while driving the scenic Pikes Peak Highway, which offers incredible views along the way to the 14,115-foot summit. On the mountain you’ll find interpretive programs along with great picnic spots and a handful of lakes that are ideal for fishing and hiking.

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