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Things to Do in Chamonix


Chamonix Amusement Park (Parc de Loisirs de Chamonix)
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Chamonix’s Amusement Park is open year-round and is a great place for families, friends and groups to enjoy themselves. The 4-season 1300-meters long Alpine Coaster luge track is the park’s biggest attraction, which has been open since 1979 and has attracted more than 6 million visitors since. In the summer, in addition to the luge track, visitors can enjoy slides, trampolines, electric motorcycles, and a splash boat, while winter visitors can ski, and enjoy as many indoor games and play areas, such as arcades, baby foot, and others. The park’s activities are enjoyable for anyone 3 years old and over.

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Chamonix Alpine Museum (Le Musee Alpin)
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Chamonix’s Alpine Museum is housed in a former Palace dating back to the early 20th century and highlights the development of the city’s tourism, back from when visitors first travelled to Chamonix to admire the glaciers up until the construction of the cable cars.A large collection of prints illustrates the many changes the valley faced between the 18th and the 20th centuries as mountaineering slowly became a thing. Visitors will also find photographs, relief maps, rock crystals, ancient objects, and costumes.

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