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Gravina Di Puglia
Gravina Di Puglia

Gravina Di Puglia Tours and Activities

Gravina di Puglia is a town in inland Puglia, known mainly for some pretty historic buildings and one of Europe's oldest fairs. The town was originally founded by the Greeks, though it later became part of the Roman Empire in the 4th century BCE. The famous Via Appia runs through Gravina.

Gravina Di Puglia’s cathedral dates from the 11th century, though it was heavily damaged by fires and earthquakes in the 1400s. The ruins of a 13th-century castle can be seen on a hill near Gravina, and there are churches that date from the 11th century that are carved right out of the soft tuff rocks. Gravina's annual Saint George's Fair began in 1294, making it one of Europe's oldest fairs. The town is also known for producing white wines.

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Gravina di Puglia, Puglia, 70024

Tours and Activities to Experience Gravina Di Puglia

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