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Baluran Trip

Baluran Trip

(Japan Cave) You can see a historical place called “Gua Jepang” (Japan Cave) is one of historical witness that in this place was happened battle between Indonesia army against Japanese army. Because unequal power, there are a lot of Indonesia army who died in that battle, also called Batangan, has wide about 12 km that contains in 2 chambers. North of chamber was used to save the weapon, south chamber was used as a fissure to see an enemy. Bekol Savannah You also can see Bekol savannah. It's about 12 km from the entrance, you will see a flock of deer, bulls, etc, in the morning and in the afternoon to do their activity. Bama Beach Bama beach is located in the east of Baluran National Park. You can see the original beach and the fantastic panorama in here and can see the mangrove forest, Bama source and Mantingan source. One of special moment here is you can see monkey with the long tail (Macaca fascicularis) that fishing crabs with their long tail.
  • 7 to 8 hours