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Acatenango, Antigua, Guatemala

Practical Info

Most tours to Acatenango depart from Antigua versus Guatemala City. The best time to attempt a climb is during dry season, which is late November to early April. Hiking Acatenango is strenuous, and you should be in good enough shape to hike several miles a day. While Acatenango could produce debris avalanches, local authorities are well equipped to handle any volcanic activity that transpires, and if there is a risk of eruptions, visitors will not be allowed in the area.

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Acatenango Overnight
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Acatenango Overnight
$89.00 per adult
Traveler Favorite
Great Guides! Everything almost untopable. The Group were 34 People. Ob the way there was a little stock. But ok.
Manuel_W, Dec 2021

Recent reviews from experiences in Antigua

This tour is a do not...
Ashley_W, Sep 2021
Overnight Adventure !!Hike Acatenango Volcano
This tour is a do not miss chance to see an active volcano, however they do not tell you , you have to carry all your equipment, food, water, and its 5 miles straight up, this is not for the un- fit,
Once in a lifetime experience
Ariana_C, Jan 2022
Overnight Volcano Acatenango Hiking Adventure
From beginning to end this tour was nothing short of impressive. The company picked us up from our hotel in Antigua promptly and others on the tour. We drove ~1 hr to their office and the instructors discussed an overview. They offered clothing to borrow and wooden poles to rent (highly recommend). From there we departed for the hike. I am someone who looks in shape because I eat healthy but I do not exercise. I have hiked a couple of times previously but would say I underestimated the difficulty of this hike. I struggled during the ascent, that’s putting it lightly. The first two hours were brutal for me. Thankfully, one of the tour guides, Ruffino, stayed with me so that I was not alone and the group took ~4-5 breaks on the way up and I was able to catch up. I definitely recommend shoes that are meant for hiking because the terrain is difficult in areas. Everything on the tour’s checklist (message them on WhatsApp to receive it) I brought with the exception of a headlight and I brought 2L of water and bought water along the way so minimize heaviness of my bag. I also brought a pillow case to use over the pillow they provided. The hike took ~6 hr to base camp. This tour’s base camp is really advanced compared to other groups I saw. The tents are housed inside a shed to make the freezing night temps more bearable and there is an area outside where there is a fire and seating that is covered which was nice cause it rained a little and we did not get wet. Dinner exceeded my expectations, we had lo mein, mashed potatoes and black beans which were all good. Always had beverages and snacks too. Their camp faces Fuego. The view could not get any better… so I thought. We departed for a summit hike at 4:30am to the top of Acatenango and the views were incredible. This hike was hard for me too but totally worth it. Regarding the hike to Fuego, it was not offered to our group, I think because weather was variable so I cannot speak on that. I personally don’t think I would have made it and the views I saw were incredible anyway. The decent down was a breeze compared to the way up. If you are browsing for Acatenango tours, I would 100% recommend this company!!
Excellent Adventure
Robert_M, Feb 2020
Overnight Volcano Acatenango Hiking Adventure
This is one of the best activities you can do in Guatemala. The company was Very professional and organized. Breathtaking views and very helpful staff. Bring lots of water, sun protection and a scarf for dust.